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Summer Studies in Tanzania

Course Objective:  Environmental Policies Within A Resource Rich, Developing Country; An Environmental, Economic and Human Analysis of Environmental Policies Within Society and Cultural Norms in Tanzania

Live Dunia, in partnership with Metro State University, offers an immersive, accredited 5 week program in the rural highlands of Tanzania. Together we have perfected a course outline and syllabus that focuses on: informative experiences revolving around Environmental Policies of East Africa, individual learning outcomes, community investment, in-depth reflection and analysis, and culminates with a multi-modal summation project of the student's choice.

how to apply

Email the Program Director a brief explanation of interest @ to receive full application.

Students that email by December 31, 2018 will have the $500 application fee waived!



June 26— 30: International Flights to Dar es Salaam- Begin travel to the Southern Highlands , rest day in between, domestic flight from Dar to Mbeya, bus to Njombe

July 1—11: Ohana Amani Center and Orientation- Begin travel and stay at the Ohana Amani center located in a rural community outside of Njombe town; students will spend 7 days at this health education and holistic community center where we will ground ourselves with culture/language orientation and learn about Tanzania’s sustainable living systems.

July 11—16: Village Homestay- Begin travel from Ohana Amani/Njombe town to Likarangilo, homestay village where we will spend 6 nights in total immersion as a guest in a Tanzanian home;  during the stay students will implement a village needs assessment and utilize skills in sustainabledevelopment, project planning and budgeting; day excursions to Songea town for exploration and shopping

July 17—18: Songea Town for rest and reflection

July 18— 24: Ohana Amani Center and Service Project- Begin travel back to Ohana Amani via Njombe town— spend 7 days utilizing newly learned development skills to discuss and implement a collaborative community project; students will work alongside locals for the duration of the project andlearn the power of “ushirikiano”-  cooperation.

July 24— 29: Zanzibar Island- Begin travel to Dar es Salaam en route to Zanzibar, stay in Dar one night, explore the natural beauty, beaches, and culture of Zanzibar

July 29- July 31- : Return journey to Dar es Salaam from Zanzibar ,last day in TZ, visit the Peace Corps headquarters for informative discussion, returning flight home