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Explore the World. Find Yourself. Make an Impact.

Group Corps

A 5 week immersive Group travel experience for any group seeking adventure, service, and cultural exploration in Tanzania. All trips are personalized to meet each groups values and needs. trips will be planned around Live dunia's three guiding principles



Program Details


At Live Dunia we believe that ADVENTURE awakens the senses and pushes our human limits which leads to exploration and personal growth. Your trip with us will be a unique personalized adventure through Tanzania. Depending on your groups needs the adventure component can include National Wildlife Park safaris, hiking Mnt. Meru or Mnt. Kilimanjaro, relaxing on any one of Tanzania's islands or exploring less traveled cities.




But before getting too carried away with adventure we must ground ourselves in the community of Tanzania, which we will accomplish through SERVICE. Our staff will work with your group or organization to plan the most appropriate service project to meet your groups mission or needs. Whether you are a group of doctors, nurses, teachers, non for profit works or just friends - Live dunia will help you find purpose and meaning to your group travel.




After your service project is implemented and you have had all the adventure one can take, the biggest take away from your experience will be THE CULTURAL EXPLORATION which will come from your daily interactions, shared meals and conversation with with our host country counterparts.