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Who we are


Live Dunia translated from Swahili means Live Globally-which is exactly what founders Sam Temple and Mary Heinemann intend to do. Sam and Mary met while serving as Peace Corps volunteers in Tanzania. They didn't know what was in store for them when they met but within two years of service in Tanzania their separate journeys brought them one step closer to both of their life's passion-Live Dunia. Life in Tanzania exposed Sam and Mary to the richness of human connection, open mindedness, integration, sustainabilty, and community. The warmth and love they received without expectations in return was soul fueling and their experience left them feeling more connected to their fellow citizens of the world. They want to share that experience while empowering others to make connections that will foster global community development, bringing humanity closer together.




mary Heinemann

  • Experience: East Africa Overseas Educator with Carpe Diem, Volunteer with Peace Corps Tanzania; Tanzania and Nepal Travel Leader with Global Routes; Health Specialist with Boys and Girls Club of Denver; Wilderness First Responder
  • Education: Bachelors in Communications, and Women's Studies from Colorado State University
  • Passions: Empowering others through challenging experiences and ideas, filmmaking, yoga, coffee, and good laughs

Mary is an explorer, a boundary pusher, a pump-up giver, a lover of humanity, and a hopeless believer in the good. She spent her youth moving around to five different states before finally settling into life in Colorado. Once settled she stumbled into her passion of human equality and women’s empowerment. Beautifully powerful people surrounded her along with an open-mindedness created the perfect opportunity for further developing her passion of female empowerment and exploration. She immersed herself in these passions while serving in the Peace Corps. Nothing has ever been as wonderfully difficult or as magically soulful than her time in Tanzania. She has been privileged enough to see the profound impact that integrating with villagers has had on not only herself and the communities, but her students as well. Live Dunia is, for her, the way to keep the stream of consciousness, joy, peace, and impact flowing through humanity. 


Sam Temple

  • Experience: Volunteer with Peace Corps Tanzania; Human Resource Management; Donor Relations Coordinator with Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver
  • Education: B.A. International Relations and Economics from Knox College; Master's of Public Administration Candidate at the University of Colorado
  • Passions:  Speaking Swahili, project logistics and planning, visiting Tanzanian islands

Sam is a mid-westerner from Kansas who always knew her purpose was to push borders and explore new environments. Her passion started as a child after viewing a Peace Corps presentation in elementary school. The dream of adventure and purpose was planted early and eventually realized in Tanzania. Live Dunia is the newest bloom from that early planting and she can't wait to watch it grow and scale into a world class experiential travel organization.

Uwemba Edits.jpg

Village of Uwemba

Uwemba is where fortune finds us; a medium sized farming community, located just outside of the Ohana Amani property (nonprofit partners). This community will be the long-term community partner of Live Dunia. It has been our goal to invest the time, resources, and energy of our travelers into one community. Alongside the community of Uwemba we will share, grow, and create long lasting friendship.

Cu Ediit.jpg

Ohana Amani

Ohana Amani (OA) is our in country, non profit partners. OA a place not easily put into words, it is more of an experience, something which explanation defies. But try as we must to put into words…Ohana Amani, or OA for short, is a farm, a co-opt, a home, a non-profit, a learning center, and most importantly a family. This family is comprised of Curry and Chevy (the sisters), Luca (a gentleman), the Tanzanian family (Zamda, Mama Frida, Noelli, Creopa, Lucy, and Cretus), and approximately 5 little ones (and growing daily!). They live together on a beautiful plot of land located on a lush mountain side in the southern highlands of Tanzania. This is an intentional community, crafted with care, and their goal is to facilitate “peace between those who breathe together.”Ohana is derived from the Hawaiian word for family and all those who breathe together, and Amani is the Swahili word for peace. OA will be the home base for many of Live Dunia’s excursions, it is our new home, a safe place for our travelers to feel at ease, supported, and gently challenged at times.