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Youth Corps

A 4-8 week immersive experiential education program in Tanzania for high school AGED youth OR GAP YEAR STUDENTS. The program is planned around Live Dunia's three guiding principles:




Program Details


At Live Dunia we believe that ADVENTURE awakens the senses and pushes our human limits which leads to exploration and personal growth. Your trip with us will be a unique personalized adventure through Tanzania. Youth Corps’ adventure component will incorporate city excursions, camping in National Wildlife Parks and exploring the marine life on some of Tanzania’s most beautiful islands. 



But before getting too carried away with lion watching and coral reef snorkeling we must ground ourselves in the community of Tanzania, which we will accomplish through SERVICE. To find our grounding and purpose we will be invited to stay with a rural host community for two weeks where we will live with, learn from and serve together with our Tanzanian hosts.



A personalized service project—perhaps school construction or garden planting—will be the goal but the real learning and CROSS CULTURAL EXPLORATION will come from our daily interactions, shared meals and conversation with ouR host mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters.