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The story

At Mama Dunia, we connect impact minded consumers to women's Co-ops throughout Tanzania. We do this in order to sell women's crafts to support women's income generation, education, and empowerment. We value building strong relationships with women in these co-ops and already established groups. At Mama Dunia, we use our energy to invest in these women, both in business, monetary capital and in social capital, creating shared human connections and partnerships. We strive to learn how we can work together, share space, and support their needs and desires for projects. On top of our fair trade prices for the crafts, Mama Dunia sets aside a portion of the proceeds to create a pool of money that these women have access to use in case of emergencies, health issues, school fees, and other investment needs. Mama Dunia uses it's access to the world market in collaboration with these women in the hopes of improving the lives of people globally.