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Why Tanzania, why now?

As a citizen of the globe, Tanzania welcomes you. As the world becomes smaller and as individuals choose travel as a means to connect, Tanzania stands ready and open. The word karibu, meaning “welcome” is the most commonly used word in Tanzania, and truly portrays the culture of this community. You are welcomed here.

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Why Live Dunia?

When traveling with LD in Tanzania, you are not a tourist, you are a guest. The LD team is a carefully crafted community of hosts and leaders who all call Tanzania home. Because this is our home, we are connected by one purpose: create sustainable, positive impact in our community, in our world. We accomplish this by connecting you to positive, community based initiatives in Tanzania to be a part of.



Our purpose is GLOBAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, therefore we strive to put our guests as well as our hosts at the forefront of our programing and trip models. We facilitate equal development for all participants involved. As an individual guest, your perception of community will be challenged and your part in the global community will be transformed. As global community investors, you will leave a positive impact on your host community through your presence and commitment to Live Dunia’s purpose. Our impact approach is unique because it revolves around ONE Tanzanian community which LD staff has invested consistent time into building strong relationships.