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our Intern- jo tabacek


Experience: Several volunteer programs abroad including Global Leadership Adventures to Guatemala and LIFE in Argentina. Gap semester in East Africa, including Tanzania through Carpe Diem Education - Led by Mary Heinemann.

Education: Currently working on a degree in Hispanic Studies at Lewis & Clark College.

Passions: Photography, travel, hearing and sharing stories around the globe and learning how to best help communities according to their greatest needs

Jo spent as much time as she could in the early years of her life traveling and doing service learning, it has been a dream of hers for as long as she can remember to join the Peace Corps. Jo first traveled to Tanzania in 2016 on a gap year semester led by Live Dunia Founder, Mary Heinemann, and instantly fell in love with East Africa. Jo vowed at that time to some day come back to serve the community that she fell in love with. While in Tanzania, Jo ate pineapples practically every day, and has more than one story linking the kindness of Tanzanians and pineapples. To keep alive the memory of Tanzania in her every day life, Jo wears an acrylic pineapple pin to remind her of the lively, kind spirit of the Tanzanians she encountered. Live Dunia, is to Jo, a way to share stories across the world and bring communities throughout the globe closer each day, especially in a world where it seems more borders are put up than are taken down.

Live Dunia is honored, proud, and excited to be working alongside Jo in Tanzania for the entire 2018 summer!